Hybrid Diaper Service: The Best of Both Worlds

We love cloth diapers.  But we also understand that many families can't (or don't want to) use cloth diapers all day, every day.  We have always said, at Ivy's, that cloth doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing. Every family is different and every family's needs are different. We understand that most families are not 24/7 cloth users for a variety of reasons (and we have certainly used our fair share of disposable diapers over the years!).

Whether your child attends a day care that won't accept cloth diapers, you're traveling and don't want to bring cloth diapers, or have other caregivers that prefer not to use your cloth, there can be many obstacles in a family's path to all day cloth success.

This is where our new Hybrid Diaper Service comes in:

cloth AND disposable diapers delivered to your door each week.

Cotton Prefolds and Bambo Nature Disposables

Our Hybrid Diaper Service will provide families with BOTH cloth and disposable diapers each week.  We searched long and hard for the right disposable diaper to offer and decided, after much research, that Bambo Nature diapers were the one we were most comfortable with. 

One of the main reasons we, and most other families, choose cloth diapers is because we want a natural, chemical-free diaper up against our baby’s most sensitive areas.  We wanted to find a disposable that would most closely resemble a cloth diaper and not contain the harsh chemicals that conventional disposables do.  We are very comfortable offering Bambo Nature diapers and have been in talks for awhile with the manufacturer to ensure that our goals - offering an all-natural disposable with as little impact as possible to the environment - are met.  We believe that Bambo Nature Diapers do that.

 Cotton Prefold Diapers

Receive cotton prefold diapers washed & delivered weekly.

Have plenty of cloth diapers on hand when you want some fluffy cotton

to keep your baby's butt happy.

Newborn/Infant: 50 Prefold Diapers
Infant/Regular: 45 Prefold Diapers
Toddler: 40 Prefold Diapers

Bambo Nature Diapers

Receive one package of Bambo Nature Diapers

delivered along with your prefolds each week

for those times when you need a disposable option.
Size 1 (4.5-8lbs): 28 Pieces
Size 2 (6.5-13lbs): 30 Pieces
Size 3 (11-20lbs): 33 Pieces
Size 4 (15.5-39.5lbs): 30 Pieces
Size 5 (26.5-48lbs): 27 Pieces

Hybrid Diaper Service: $32.99 per week