Wash My Stash: How It Works

We make cloth diapers easy.  

Here's how to get started with Wash My Stash.


Every customer who uses our WMS service will need an Ivy's Diaper Service account so the first step is to register and create one.  Your online account is what you will use to manage your service with us.  A credit card on file is a requirement if you're planning to take advantage of our WMS Delivery Service.  You will be able to input your credit or debit card information during the account creation process.  We also require that all WMS customer agree to our Terms and Conditions.  This form can be completed electronically.  Click here if you'd like to read it over or fill it out now and get a head start!

If you're planning to bring your stash to us for self-service, that's it!  Just register and come on in anytime.  We'll do the rest. We're open for WMS drop-off weekdays from 10-2.

For customers who plan to take advantage of the WMS Delivery option, you will need to add the service to your account so we know you want us to show up!  Please read below to see how to schedule your delivery service or contact us anytime you have questions and we can set it up for you.


The pricing structure for Wash My Stash is based on the number of diapers you leave out for us to pick-up and wash.  


Since diapers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, we have determined that one "diaper" will include everything you need to completely diaper your baby. 


1 Diaper = one All-In-One Diaper

1 Diaper = one Pocket cover and one insert

1 Diaper = one Fitted diaper and cover

1 Diaper = one Prefold diaper and cover

1 Diaper = one Flat diaper and cover

Want us to take care of washing and stripping your cloth wipes, extra inserts, and other diapering accessories as well?  No problem!  In addition to your diapers, we will be happy to wash any diapering accessories as well (cloth wipes, doublers, extra inserts, wetbags, etc.).  There is an additional $2.00 fee for every 25 "Add-Ons" you leave out with your diapers.


Delivery Service 

We don't know you want us to come pick up your stash unless you tell us by placing an order.  Once you create your Ivy's Diaper Service account, you will be automatically assigned to a pre-determined delivery day based on where you live.  Our delivery routes are organized to be as efficient as possible which means we service different areas on different days.  Your delivery address will determine your delivery day.

Then you decide if you want to set up Wash My Stash as a weekly recurring option (we'll be there every single week without fail!) or just a one-time service.  Pick your preferred option and schedule it for the date of your choosing.

That's it.  We will do the rest.

On the morning of your delivery day, just leave your diapers outside. We will come by and pick them up. We'll bring your diapers back to our office to count and inventory them and then send you an invoice. 


We service each area in and around Charlotte one day per week. That means, if your delivery day is Wednesday and you schedule a Wash My Stash pick-up and delivery, we will come by on the Wednesday you choose to pick up your diapers, wash/strip them, and return them to you the following Wednesday.

If you don't want to wait a week to receive your diapers back, you are welcome to come by our office to pick-up your stash prior to your next delivery day.


After your diapers have been cleaned and stripped, we will drop them back off at your home.  That's all there is to it.  It doesn't get any easier than that.


Please note, there is a $5.00 Delivery Fee added to your service charge if your order is less than $35.00. This delivery charge is applied before we come to pick-up your diapers (since we have no idea how many diapers you have and what your order total will be!). If it turns out that your order is over $35.00, the delivery fee will be waived and we'll apply the $5.00 you already paid to your order total.


You are more than welcome to bring your dirty diapers to us anytime.  This option will allow you to avoid the delivery fee and will give you some added flexibility in case you need WMS service other times during the week than your pre-determined delivery day. 

We are in the office most weekdays between 9:30-3:30 for drop-off.  Give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us know you're coming and we will make sure someone is around to meet you or can arrange a safe location for you to leave your diapers if it is before we get to the office.

That's it!

You don't need to schedule anything (as long as you already have an online account!) or login and order anything... you just need to bring us your stash!  

We'll take care of everything else.

Turn around time for the self-service option of WMS is two days.  If you bring us your dirty diapers during our office hours on Tuesday, they will be ready for pick-up on Thursday morning.  Expedited service (which would have your diapers ready the very next morning) is available for an additional $10.00 fee.  Just let us know if you'd like to utilize our 24hr option when you come in to drop off your diapers.

Still have questions?  

Visit our Contact Us page and ask away

or read our Wash My Stash FAQ.