Potty Training Service

Ready to start potty training?  We all know that babies who wear cloth diapers potty train earlier than babies who wear disposable diapers.  With that being said, potty training with prefolds and Snappis is not always easy, since it is difficult for toddlers to remove the Snappi and pull the diaper down.

With our Potty Training Service, you would choose your service (Full Time, Part Time, Dalmatian), but instead of receiving only diapers in your delivery each week, you would receive a combination of diapers AND cloth training pants each week.

The cloth trainers are basically "padded" undies. They are not completely waterproof (if you want a completely waterproof training pant, you'll want to put your Thirsties cover on top of the trainer). They are thick enough to contain a small "accident" while you're trying to get to the potty, which should keep you from having to change your Little One's clothes completely. But, if they fully empty their bladder in the cloth trainer, they are NOT a diaper and will not keep your Little One dry. The benefit of using a trainer is that it will contain a little "leaking" and it looks and feels just like underwear. So toddlers can practice pulling them up and down to prepare for independent potty using.  Not to mention the sense of pride your todder will feel when they realize they're wearing "big kid pants!"

With this potty training service, you would still have diapers (for naps, nighttime, and any other instance where you'd prefer your potty learner to be in a fully wateproof diaper... car seat!)  But you would also receive enough cloth trainers that you would be all set to start the potty training process when it's time.