Terms and Conditions of Service



• Customers must register on our website and create an account before beginning service with Ivy's Diaper Service.
• Ivy’s Diaper Service will collect payment for your first four weeks of diaper service prior to your first delivery of diapers. This payment is non-refundable.
• First Delivery for expecting parents is 1-3 weeks before your due date (unless you are expecting multiples).
• You have six weeks from the day you receive your first rotation of diapers to contact us and begin receiving regular deliveries. Upon the completion of the six weeks, invoices will automatically be generated and you will begin incurring rental charges for continuing to hold our inventory.
• If your child has already arrived when you receive your first delivery, your service will begin automatically the following week on your scheduled delivery day.
• Delivery days are automatically assigned by location. Customers may not choose a specific delivery day.


• Have your diapers out by 7:00am on your delivery day.
• Try to find a spot that is shaded or otherwise protected from the elements. Be sure that the bag is 100% zipped up. During periods of bad weather the diapers can be ruined if left open to the elements and during the summer they can attract other visitors which can also cause damage.
• The customer assumes all responsibility for the items once they are delivered. The customer is responsible for finding a safe place at their home to leave items and will be charged for any items lost or stolen.
• Do not leave diapers (clean or dirty) outside overnight and always keep the bag fully zipped when outside on delivery day.
• Customer is responsible for damage due to moisture or insects.
• If your diapers are not available for pick-up when we arrive, we will knock on your door to try and retrieve them. If there is no answer, we will leave your clean diapers for the week and expect two week's worth of dirty diapers to be left out the following week. We will not make a second trip to your home to retrieve your dirty diapers that week, but you may drop them off at our office if you'd like (though it is not required that you do so).
• If we arrive the following week and there are no dirty diapers available for pick-up, we will not be able to leave any clean diapers. We will leave a "Missed Delivery" sticky note on your door so you know we were there. It is the customer's responsibility to contact us to schedule an alternate day for service for the week. There will be a $10.00 service charge assessed for our second trip to your home that week. Customers may choose to bring their diapers to us in order to avoid the service charge.
• For major holidays, we will let you know our delivery schedule a week or two in advance.
• For inclement weather, you should assume we will be making our deliveries as usual unless you hear from us.
• If you need a special delivery on a day that is not your standard delivery day, we can arrange to do that with at least 2 days notice. If we deliver your diapers on a day that is not your regular delivery day, there will be a $5.00 delivery fee included with your service that week.


  • • All changes in service must be made at least 24 hours before your next scheduled delivery day. We cannot guarantee changes without at least 24 hours notice.


  • • Customers will be allowed four free vacation/pause in service weeks per calendar year.
    • If you are going on vacation and will miss your scheduled delivery day, please contact us at least one week in advance to discuss available options.
    • We can arrange to come by and pick up all dirty items prior to your departure, pause your service for the week (no pick-up or drop-off), or we can arrange to drop off enough diapers for you to use during your vacation on the delivery day closest to your departure date if you plan to travel with cloth diapers.
    • If you are going on vacation for longer than one week, please let us know. We will need to come by and pick-up ALL Ivy's Diaper Service items and hold delivery until the specified return date.
    • After the four free yearly vacation pauses have been exhausted, customers will be charged a $10.00 rental fee for the Ivy's Diaper Service items still in their possession while out of town, even if delivery/laundry service is not needed, as those items are unable to be used by another family during that time.
    • Weekly service will resume automatically on the next scheduled delivery date following a vacation pause.



  • • Do not wash the diapers yourself. Home laundering often leads to staining and can affect the absorbency of the diapers. Any damage due to home laundering will be charged to your account.
    • Do not use Desitin Regular, Vaseline, A&D Ointment or any other diaper cream that contains cod liver oil, high concentrations of zinc oxide or any petroleum based oils. These creams can affect the absorbency of the diapers.
    • If your diapers are returned to us with stains from an unapproved diaper cream, we will e-mail you and let you know that your diaper cream is staining/affecting the diapers. A $5.00 deep cleaning charge will be assessed the second time this happens (and on all subsequent violations of this policy).
    • Do not use any items rented from Ivy’s Diaper Service for anything other than diapering. We need to maintain the integrity of our diapers as chemical-free products. Damage from household cleaning products or inappropriate use will be charged to your account.
    • When your baby starts eating solid food, the waste will also become solid. As this happens, you are responsible for “flipping” the waste into the toilet before putting the dirty diaper into the diaper bag. You do not need to dunk, scrape, swish, or swirl the diaper in the toilet, but you are responsible for flipping your baby's waste into the toilet once solid foods have been introduced.
    • It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure all items being rented from Ivy’s Diaper Service are returned in good condition and that ALL items are returned at the end of service.
    • Loss of or damage to Ivy’s Diaper Service items due (but not limited) to inappropriate use, home laundering, moisture, insects, or theft will be automatically charged to the customer’s account using the following fee schedule:
    o $2.00 per prefold diaper
    o $2.00 per cloth wipe
    o $2.50 per cloth training pant
    o $5.00 per hemp doubler
    o $10.00 per rented diaper cover
    o $10.00 per fitted diaper
    o $15.00 per All-in-One diaper
    o $20.00 per pail liner

    • We keep track of all items that are sent to and received from each customer each week. You are responsible for returning ALL items at the end of your service. If items are missing after your Final Pick Up, you will be responsible returning the items to us or charged (using the above listed fee schedule) to replace them.



  • • Payment for your first four deliveries will be collected prior to receiving your initial set of diapers. This payment is non-refundable regardless of cancellation date.
    • After your baby is born and your weekly service is activated, your account will be charged each week that you receive service and/or maintain possession of rented items from Ivy's Diaper Service.
    • Ivy's Diaper Service will bill customers weekly. You can expect your credit card to be charged the day before your scheduled delivery day prior to receiving your items. Paid service will not be refunded.
    • Please do not leave payment out with your diapers. Our delivery drivers are instructed not to accept payments during deliveries. All payments should be mailed to the address below or can be dropped off at our office in-person.
    • To pay your account balance you have two options:
    1. Credit Card – enter your credit card information and your card will automatically be charged for your order total the day before your scheduled delivery day
    2. Check – you may set up online bill pay through your bank (use the primary customer's las name as your account number) or mail us personal checks.
    Mail checks payable to:
    Ivy’s Diaper Service
    P.O. Box 32361
    Charlotte, NC 28232
    • Personal checks returned to Ivy’s Diaper Service due to insufficient funds in the customer’s account are subject to a $30.00 service charge.
    • Account must be kept up to date in order to avoid service interruptions.
    • Prices are subject to change without notice.



  • • To cancel, please call or e-mail with at least one week’s notice. Less than one week’s notice will result in a service charge for the following week.
    • All rented items must be returned upon completion of service. Missing or damaged rental items will be charged to your account:
    o $2.00 per prefold diaper
    o $2.00 per cloth wipe
    o $2.50 per cloth training pant
    o $5.00 per hemp doubler
    o $10.00 per rented diaper cover
    o $10.00 per fitted diaper
    o $15.00 per All-in-One diaper
    o $20.00 per pail liner
    • Final Customer Pick-Up will be on your next scheduled delivery day following your one week notice to cancel service.
    • Ivy’s Diaper Service will pick-up all rented items on your Final Customer Pick-Up. There will be a $15.00 pick-up and cleaning charge for this service.
    • Once your account is reconciled and it is confirmed that all rented items have been returned, you will receive your final invoice and the full account balance will be due upon receipt.


• Before you receive your first set of diapers, we will collect payment for your first four weeks of service. This initial deposit is non-refundable. After your first four weeks, you may cancel at any time with least one week's notice.

• All cloth diaper sales are final. Cloth diapers are considered "undergarments" and we are unable to accept them for return or exchange (this includes diaper covers).
• Items that are new, unopened, and still in original packaging can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or store credit. Items must be in 100% original condition and packaging.
• If you need to return an item, please contact us at 704-807-3016 or info@ivysidaperservice.com and advise us of the reason for your return. We will let you know if your item is eligible for a return or exchange. The reason for the return does not guarantee a refund, we simply want to know if there was a defect, an error on our part, or any other general comment that would help us improve our product offerings.

• Ivy's Diaper Service gift certificates have no cash value and are not returnable, refundable, or transferable.
• Lost, stolen, or damaged Ivy's Diaper Service gift certificates will not be replaced and the value will not be returned.
• There is no expiration date on Ivy's Diaper Service gift certificates.
• There are no fees associated with Ivy's Diaper Service gift certificates.