Hemp Service

We now offer you the option of 100% organic, made in the USA hemp diapers.  Even more absorbent than our regular cloth diapers and made right here in the United States using sustainable, chemical-free farming techniques.  

Our hemp diaper service works just like our cotton service.   You simply leave your bag of dirty diapers outside your front door once a week and we come by and replace them with clean, soft, sanitized hemp diapers. That's it! You don’t even need to be home. 

Each week we will drop off the clean diapers in a pail liner. In order to get started, just unpack the clean diapers at your changing station and use the pail liner to hold the dirties. No need to soak, rinse, or wash the dirty diapers if the poop isn’t solid yet, just chuck them in the bag and forget about them until delivery day! If the poop is solid (after solid food has been introduced) just flip the poop into the toilet and put the dirty diaper in the pail liner as usual.

We offer our premium, hemp diaper service at $29.00 per week.  That's just 29 cents per diaper!


Cloth Diapering Classes and Diaper Service Demos 

If you still aren't sure about cloth diapers or our service and want to learn more, please consider attending one of our FREE Diaper Service Demos or Cloth Diapering 101 Classes.  At Ivy's, we just want to advocate for cloth diapering so our classes and demos are purely informational and there is never any obligation to sign up for our service.  There is so much information about cloth diapers out there and our goal is to help parents pick through all of it and find the right option for their family.  During our free classes and demos, we will tell you about all of the different types of cloth diapers, helpful accessories and let you touch, feel, and practice with all of them.  

Click HERE to visit our Classes page where you can see the dates for our upcoming Demos and Classes and register to attend one that is convenient for you.