Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Learn More About Cloth Diapers?

If you still aren't sure about cloth diapers and want to learn more, please consider attending one of our FREE cloth diapering classes.  At Ivy's, we just want to advocate for cloth diapering so our classes are informational and there is never any obligation to sign up for our service.  There is so much information about cloth diapers out there and our goal is to help parents pick through all of it and find the right option for their family.  During our free classes, we will tell you about all of the different types of cloth diapers and accessories and let you touch and practice with all of them.  It's a great starting point for parents who are interested in cloth diapers and want to learn a little more.  We offer classes at several different convenient locations.  Visit our Classes page for the times, dates, and locations of our free classes.

How Do I Manage My Ivy's Diaper Service Account?

You are completely in charge of your Ivy's Diaper Service Account.  Using your online account portal, you can order diaper service and accessories, change diaper sizes when your little one is ready to move up, pause your service when you are out of town, and much more!  Click here for details about how to manage your account.  As always, if you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us at any time and we can walk you through managing your account.

What exactly do I need to get started?

You will need cloth diapers (in this case unbleached prefolds), Snappis (the modern version of a diaper pin), and 4-6 diaper covers.  The covers go on over the cloth diapers and can be made from many different materials. Here at Ivy's Diaper Service we sell Thirsties brand diaper covers. Thirsties are made from a single layer of waterproof laminated fabric and use a Velcro closure. They are soft, colorful, and very easy to use. We do not provide cover rental. You will need to purchase diaper covers. You do not need to purchase them from us, but we do sell them as a courtesy to our customers. See our Shop page for more details. There are also a number of additional items you may find useful while cloth diapering. 


Do I have to rinse or wash the diapers myself?

NO. Please do not wash or rinse the diapers yourself. Home laundering often leads to staining and can effect the absorbency of the diapers. All you need to do is put the soiled diapers in the diaper pail liner we provide. After your baby starts eating solids most of her poop will be solid or formed. When that happens, just "flip" the solid poop into the toilet. If the poop isn't solid then don't worry about it. You will need to wash your diaper covers yourself. They do not launder any differently than your clothes - just toss them in with your normal wash when they get soiled.

What kind of diapers do you use?

There are lots of different kinds of cloth diapers and we tested just about

all of them. In the end we decided on unbleached Indian prefold diapers for our standard service. We also offer organically grown, made in the USA unbleached prefold diapers. Those white diapers you are probably expecting require a bleaching process that can pollute the environment and weaken the threads. The diapers from our service are a light brown color - the way nature intended.

I've heard cloth diapers are just as bad for the environment as disposables.  Is that true?

  You are probably referring to a study commissioned by Proctor & Gamble (the largest manufacturer of disposables). This “independent” study found that cloth diapers required so much water to wash that they were less environmentally viable than disposables. This is completely false. In fact, that same study conceded that commercial diaper services were the most environmentally friendly way to diaper your child. But amazingly P&G didn't make that part of the study public.

How many diapers covers will I need?

We recommend at least 4-6. It really depends on how old your child is and how often you prefer to do laundry. Older children have more solid poop and are less likely to soil their covers. Newborns have very liquid poop and are quite likely to “blow out” both cloth and disposable diapers.

My child’s daycare doesn’t allow cloth.  Can I get fewer cloth diapers for a lower price?

We can certainly work something out, but we’d love the opportunity to show your daycare how easy cloth diapering really is! But please don’t give up on cloth simply because your daycare is resistant! We do offer part-time service.  With this service, we will deliver up to 35 cotton diapers to you each week.  This will allow you to keep your child in cloth diapers while at home.

What if I have multiple children in diapers?

Then you certainly have your hands full! We offer a 25% discount off the second child’s service. Please check our pricing page for other discounts.

My diaper pail doesn’t smell very good.  Is there anything I can do?

If you purchased one of our diaper pails, your citrus deodorant disk may need to be changed. Give us a call if you’ve run out of deodorizers. If you do not have one of our pails we’ve found that a cotton ball soaked in essential oils and taped to the inside of the bag is helpful. You can also sprinkle some baking soda inside the bag to help absorb odors.

What if I go on vacation?

We can suspend your service for the time you’re gone if you will not be cloth diapering on the road. If you will be using cloth and will be gone for longer than a week we can make arrangements to get you the extra diapers you need.  Login to your account on our website and click on "Skip Deliveries" to enter the dates that you will be out of town.  Your service will automatically resume when your selected dates have passed.  If you would like us to come by for Pick-Up Only service during your vacation, we can do that, too.  With Pick-Up Only service we simply pick-up your dirties and leave you an empty blue pail liner so you don't have to worry about storing your dirty diapers while you're away.  Due to gas pricing and employee compensation, there is a $10.00 service charge for Pick-Up Only service.  If you do not want to travel with your cloth diapers but want to make sure you have plenty of all-natural, chemical free diapers with you, feel free to add a few boxes of either brand of compostable diaper we offer to take with you on vacation.  See the next FAQ for more information...

Can I order your Green Disposable diapers without paying to have them composted? 


If you are already a current cloth customer, you do not have to compost your Green Disposable diapers.  Obviously, we would prefer to pick up your dirty diapers and compost them as that is the only way for these diapers to fully breakdown with no environmental impact.  However, Ivy's Diaper Service is here to servce you!  We understand that there are situations when picking up and composting your diapers is not possible or convenient.  If you are traveling, your child is attending a day care that does not accept cloth diapers, or you are having trouble getting babysitters or family members on board with your cloth diapers, our Green Disposable diapers could be right for you.  You can order boxes of Broody Chick or Nature BabyCare diapers to use in these situations.  If you purchase our Green Disposable diapers and use them just like a conventional disposable (meaning you throw them away instead of having us come and pick up your dirty diapers), you do not have to pay the Composting Fee.  You would simply order the boxes you need and we would deliver them along with your cloth diapers.  This is not the greenest option as these diapers would still end up in a landfill somewhere, but you can at least rest assured that your baby would be wearing all-natural diapers without any of the harmful chemicals found in conventional disposables.  The diapers you would be throwing away are not made of petroleum based plastics which take hundreds of years to break down.  Using our Green Disposables in this way is not the "crunchiest" way to diaper, but it's at least "creamy."  This is only applicable  to current cloth customers.  




If you are not a current cloth customer but would like us to deliver Green Disposable diapers to your home, we can certainly do that, but there will be a $7.50 delivery fee for that service.

What about holidays and inclement weather?

For major holidays we will let you know our schedule a few weeks in advance. If, for example, Christmas Day falls on your delivery day we will probably make arrangements to pick up your dirties the next day. You will not be without clean diapers, don’t worry. For inclement weather you can assume we will be making our deliveries unless you hear from us.

My diapers keep leaking.  Any suggestions?

All diapers (cloth or disposable) leak sometimes. However, if your child is consistently blowing out his diaper it could be due to a number of problems. First, it may be time for your child to move up a size. If you’re having trouble getting the diaper entirely across your child’s stomach, contact us about a size change. Second, if you’re not using the Snappis we provided you may want to consider trying. Using a Snappi to hold the diaper in place will help guard against

If the leaks keep happening mainly overnight or during long naps you may need a doubler. We offer hemp doublers which provide the perfect amount of extra absorbency. You can use these doublers between the cover and the diaper or just lay the doubler on top of the diaper. We rent 7 hemp doublers for $5/week.

How do you wash the diapers?

We wash your diapers using over 10 cycles of very hot water and specially formulated detergent. We then dry your diapers using high heat machinery to ensure your diapers are properly sanitized. Once a month we send a randomly selected diaper to an independent lab for testing to ensure the diapers are properly sanitized and pH-balanced.

I live in a controlled-access apartment building.   Can I still use your service?

Of course! We are very flexible. If you’re comfortable, you may give us the code to your building and we’ll pick up the diapers outside your door. If you’re not comfortable, we can arrange to pick your diapers up at a friend’s house or another pre-determined location. Call us!

What if I forget to leave my dirty diapers outside on my delivery day?

We’re all busy parents, so it does happen on occasion. If your diapers are not available for pick up when we arrive, we will knock on your door and give you a call to try and retrieve them.  If nobody is home, we will be unable to leave your clean diapers without picking up the dirty ones.  We will contact you for an alternate pick up time.  We are happy to cover a couple of extra trips, however, due to gas pricing and employee compensation, there will be a $10 charge assessed if this happens more than twice. 

Do you offer gift certificates?

We do offer gift certificates.  Just click on the Gift Certificate tab on our home page.  The gift certificate will be e-mailed directly to the Ivy's Diaper Service customer you choose.

You have a number of accessories for rent and purchase. Are these required to start service?

Absolutely not. Our diaper service is the only thing that is required. Our start-up packages and a la carte accessories are just available to make your life easier. If you’d like to order any accessories, just login to your account on our website and add them (as a one time order) to your next delivery. The items will be automatically added to your next invoice.

Are there any diaper creams I can’t use with cloth?

Yes, please check the ingredients of your diaper cream for cod liver oil and zinc oxide.  These ingredients stain the diapers and can effect the absorbency.  This includes Desitin Regular diaper cream.  If you'd like a recommendation for cloth-friendly diaper creams, just send us an e-mail and we'll tell you about our favorites.  Thirsties Booty Love is a cloth-diaper friendly diaper cream that we offer for our customers' convenience.  You can add an order of Booty Love to your next delivery at any time.

What if it’s raining on my delivery day?

Not a problem. The bag your diapers arrive in is waterproof. Please make sure the bag with the dirties in it is fully zipped.

How do I cancel service?

We sincerely hope you only cancel service because your child is potty trained. If you are cancelling for any other reason, please let us help fix the problem! To cancel please call or e-mail us with at least one week's notice.  Then be sure to login to your account on our website and remove your diaper service from your recurring items. There is a charge for missing or damaged rental items. $2 per diaper, $1 per cloth wipe, $5 per doubler, and $20 per diaper bag.


How do I pay for my diaper service? 

You have two options for paying for your diaper service.  If you login to your account, then click on Account Options>Modify Your Personal Information, you will be able to choose "Credit Card" or "Check" as your payment method.  If you choose credit card, you will put in your credit card information and we will run your credit card on the first of every month for your full balance.  There's no way for you to run your own card, it has to be done on our end.  So, if you'd like us to take care of automatically charging your card, put in your credit card information and your card will be charged every month with no further action needed from you.  If you'd rather not have your card charged automatically, then you will select "Check" as your payment method.  This method will allow you to set up online bill pay through your bank or mail us personal checks when you want to pay your bill.  

You can mail checks payable to: 

Ivy's Diaper Service

P.O. Box 32361 

Charlotte, NC  28232