Are you interested in learning more about our service or cloth diapers in general? Click HERE to visit our Classes/Events page. We host Diaper Service Demos and Cloth Diapering 101 Classes each month.  Come join us and learn all there is to know about cloth diapers!


Want to talk to a real, live person and see what this is all about? Make an appoimtment and come get your hands dirty and your questions answered. 


Retail Hours and Location

We are in the office most days between 9:30-3:30 if you can't wait for your delivery and want to pop in. We are, however, all moms and we work around our kids' schedules. That means we can't always be here. If you want to pop-in, please make an appointment or give us a call before you come in to make sure we are here. 

Complete THIS FORM if you'd like to make an appointment to come in or to schedule your free, private Diaper Demonstration. We're happy to work around your schedule and find a convenient time for your family to come and learn everything

there is to know about Ivy's Diaper Service.


Ivy's Diaper Service

5100 Reagan Drive

Suite 4

Charlotte, NC  28206


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Mailing Address

Ivy's Diaper Service

P.O. Box 32361

Charlotte, NC  28232

Phone Number


Please keep in mind that the majority of phone calls will go directly to voice mail.  We are kept very busy (and away from the phone) while washing diapers, delivering diapers, and meeting with current and future customers!  E-Mail is the best option for the fastest response.  If you don't have an immediate need and would prefer to talk to someone, please leave us a message.  We will return your call just as soon as possible!